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Scott Pullins

Ohio Attorney & Public Affairs Counselor, Legal Services

Hi, I'm Scott Pullins. Welcome to my profile!

Scott Pullins's Bio:

Scott Pullins was reinstated to the practice of law in Ohio on September 5, 2014.  He is currently working to open a new law practice offering affordable and innovative legal solutions, the Pullins Law Firm LLC.


Scott Pullins spent most of his hiatus from practicing law working for the Mortgage Banking Executive Office at JPMorgan Chase Bank. He worked there to resolve high level, escalated default related complaints that have been directed to government agencies, the executive office, and other senior management.


Scott Pullins, throughout his career, has advised clients on complex legal, business, marketing and public policy issues. He cofounded and led Ohio's only statewide, pro-taxpayer organization for over ten years. Through that work he appeared as a guest or was interviewed by the Fox News Channel, Court TV, the Ohio News Network, Ohio Public TV and Radio, Clear Channel Radio, National Public Radio, and various major television network affiliates. He was also was interviewed or had guest columns appear in very major Ohio newspaper, several national newspapers and most other daily and weekly newspapers throughout Ohio.


Scott Pullins served as a top advisor to former Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder, the first speaker to take over after Ohio imposed term limits. He was widely credited for helping Mr. Householder secure that position. He served as a consultant to Ohio Members of Congress Jean Schmidt, Jim Jordan, and Bob Latta and wrote a popular blog on Ohio issues.

Scott Pullins's Experience:

  • Attorney & Counselor at Law at Pullins Law Firm LLC


  • Founding Director at Pullins Group LLC

    The Pullins Group LLC provides business services, public affairs consulting, and runs grassroots marketing campaigns. But what does that really mean? Simply put, we work for companies, groups, and candidates that are affected by the decisions of government. In some cases, we analyze what the government has done and help those companies or groups make decisions and/or comply with complex government rules and regulations. But in other cases those companies and groups may want to do more than just sit on their hands while government destroys their livelihoods. In those cases, we run tough, hard-hitting grassroots campaigns to overturn the government decisions, defeat the elected officials that made the decisions, put grassroots pressure on these officials, or elect new people to these offices. In addition, we help small businesses and groups promote themselves through the use of social media sites, websites, blogs and other innovative marketing techniques. We also help companies and associations manage their state and federal campaign finance, lobbying, and other governmental reporting. We do this on a low cost, often flat fee basis.

  • Customer Care Analyst II - Subject Matter Expert at JPMorgan Chase

    - Assigned to assist Senior Management in constructing complex timelines, in depth research, talking points, high level briefings, and media summaries. - Highly proficient in resolving foreclosure, reo, short sale, and other complex default issues. - Serves as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in these areas and assigned to train and assist other team members. - Assigned to provide support to the Independent Foreclosure Review project.

  • Customer Care Research Specialist I - Mortgage Banking Executive Office at JPMorgan Chase

    I work on very high level, escalated foreclosure related complaints that are directed to senior executives, the media, and to governmental agencies. - Assigned to a high level special project that reviewed initial results from the Independent Foreclosure Review. - Highly experienced in resolving foreclosure related complaints that originate from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC). - Regularly review aged foreclosure cases for process breaks, bankruptcy issues, and compliance with Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) requirements. - Assigned to research and compile extensive timelines and executive summaries for Senior Managers in the Mortgage Banking Executive Office. - Highly proficient with banking and foreclosure related software including WebER, Ivault, LPS Desktop, MSP, Lender Live, Lexis, Pacer and other similar programs.

  • Attorney & Counselor at Law at Scott A. Pullins Ltd. LPA

    I served as a legal counsel for a variety of businesses, individuals, and trade organizations. This included work for investors, banks, and investors on complex foreclosure, mortgage servicing, debt, and collections issues. My law license was temporarily suspended and then I was required to let it become inactive during my work at JPMorgan Chase Bank. I was reinstated on September 5, 2014.

  • Chairman & CEO at Ohio Taxpayers Association

    Helped co-found and led Ohio's only statewide, pro-taxpayer organization. This group was at the forefront of every major public policy issue in Ohio throughout its existence.

  • Executive Vice President & General Counsel at Ohio Car Rental Association

    Served as chief statehouse lobbyist and advised members on legal and regulatory issues.

  • Special Assistant at Franklin County Auditor

    Top aide to the Franklin County Auditor.

  • Deputy County Auditor at Athens County Auditor

    Oversaw the Personal Property Tax Division.

  • Summer Intern at Meigs County Probate and Juvenile Court

    Research, answered phones, filed documents.

  • Work Study - Department of Political Science at Ohio University

    Research, made copies, completed projects.

Scott Pullins's Education:

  • Capital University Law School

  • The Ohio State University

    Concentration: Political Science
  • Ohio University

    Concentration: Political Science
    Activities: Student Senate, College Republicans

Scott Pullins's Interests & Activities:

gardening, shooting, bicycling, reading, travel.

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